Your offer a discount for couples - do we have to be legally married?

Your offer a discount for couples - do we have to be legally married?

We are addressing shared financial accounts. We encourage partners to sign up at the same time.
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    • Do we have to be married to get the couples discount?

      You do not have to be married to get the discount, however if you share bills together and/or live together, we encourage you to sign up together.
    • What methods of payment does Pyramid Credit accept?

      At Pyramid Credit Repair, we want to make it easy and convenient for our clients to make payments for our services. Currently, we accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express credit cards as the primary method of payment. We understand the ...
    • When does The Pyramid Team start services?

      Our Pyramid Credit Repair team offers its services immediately after enrollment. However, it's important to note that the setup process and preparation of challenges for investigation may take up to 7 calendar days. The specific timeline may vary ...
    • Will I see results before the money back guarantee expires?

      We understand that many clients are eager to see progress in their credit repair journey, and we do our best to provide timely updates on the progress we are making on their behalf. However, due to regulatory changes in the credit repair industry, we ...
    • I don't quite understand the pricing, can you please elaborate?

      To begin, it’s absolutely FREE. Every client is offered a Free Credit Assessment. After 5-15 days (varies by state) from receipt of engagement of service, initial charge of ($99/mo.) is billed on a monthly basis for services previously rendered and ...